Film production and camera crew

Creative perspective, attitude and solutions


Movie creation

Movies, short films, series, pilots,  documentaries, trailers, making-of

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Video business film-look 

Commercials, product videos, company videos, video business cards, educational programs, music clips, dance videos, video recordings and more...


Provided services



Script, storyboard, scenography, scene choreography, 
location management, casting, costumes, props...


Directing, DoP and camera crew,

technical support, logistics...



Video editing, VFX, sound design,
color corrections - grading,..

Action Design Camera

Extra camera team for action scenes providing an innovative and creative camera work in the extraordinary settings.


Or we just shoot raw material and the postproduction is your business.

... or oppositely.




Short Films

Patrimonium - Troy Horse film / Adorea Swordfighters 

Knight of the Hope - Adorea Swordfighters

Mad Marx  - Invictum 

​Crossed - Adorea Swordfighters 

PRAY - Zubři s.r.o. 

The best friends - Jan Musil

CZechmate - Invictum & Servus Bellum 

Gjoll - Perkunas & Hersir Viking Hird

Varjag - Zubři s.r.o.

Commercials, music and product videos

Anacreon - Na hraně osudu - music video 

Anacreon - Příběh - music video 

Baufera - company presentation

Boni Pueri - Documentary Japan 2019

Taranis invest - Automatic Parking System - product videos  

Hunter Games - Assasin’s girl - geolocation games - short video stories

Hunter Games - Legends of Golem  - geolocation games - short video stories

East Bohemian Theatre - How to get to the theatrical scenery - video presentation

East Bohemian Theatre - Othello casting - commercial 

East Bohemian Theatre - Our Theatre - commercial

Finanční institut - commercial

Česká Regionální Energetika  - commercial 

Mendel University in Brno - Researchers' Night - video presentation

NAF - Expo company commercial 

Josef Šiler “Sršeň” - web series opening 

Josef Šiler “Sršeň” - bike ride - edit 

East Bohemian Museum - Wearing of the jewellery - museum exhibition video

East Bohemian Museum - Back in Time -  exhibition making-of

East Bohemian Museum - The Great War - museum exhibition video

East Bohemian Museum - Transfer of the arms - documentary footage

East Bohemian Museum - Finding treasure of the century - documentary footage

East Bohemian Museum - Kladruber horse - museum exhibition video

The Castle of Pardubice - aerial shots

Vilémova káva - commercial 

M&M reality - summer open air cinema commercial  

Sanaplasma - summer open air cinema commercial

Autoregina - commercial 

ČSOB - internal company videos 

Dymarki Swiętokrzyskie - event presentation 

Hronovský - Global automotive Expo -  company commercial 

Hronovský - company presentation

BU1 gloves - product presentations 

HUDY sport -  commercial

Tip Top Lingva - commercial


Lukas Kratochvil


camera operator


+420 607 985 633


Petr Prochazka

camera operator 

production manager

‭+420 731 558 464‬


Petr Sedivy

still photography 

camera assistant

+420 603 228 572